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Warringah Chiropractic Centre

Meet Our Staff

  • Anthony Richards

  • Lily Lim

    B.App.Sc.(Chiro), Mast.Chiro.Sc.(Paed)
  • Alana Colahan

    B.Chiro Sc. Mast.Chiro

    Dr Alana Colahan completed her bachelor and masters degree at Macquarie university. After completing her studies she lived abroad, working in Scotland and London for several years before returning home to Sydney.

    Growing up on the Northern Beaches living an active and healthy lifestyle has always been apart of her upbringing, having had regular chiropractic adjustments herself from a young age she has seen the benefits of a holistic approach to health firsthand. She loves to work with families, from pregnancy and children through to the elderly to help her patients be the healthiest they can be through regular chiropractic care

  • Sarah Laws

    B.Health Sc. Mast.Chiro

    Sarah completed a Bachelor of Health Science before graduating her Masters Of Chiropractic in 2020. She is passionate about treating all types of patients, with special interest in Paediatrics and Womens Health as well as high performance athletes. Sarah is dedicated to delivering a holistic approach of health care and has completed further study in both paediatrics and women health to assist her in caring for her patients. Utilising a wide range of gentle techniques and an integrative approach, Sarah is committed to tailoring her approach to each client and their specific needs.

Chiropractic Assistants

Hannah Leung

Philippa Nilsson

Emma Muir

Nikki Matthews

Susan Powell

Simone Hall