Optimal Spine Equals Optimal Health

How the body works

[pullquote]Most people have been led to believe eating nutritious foods (including supplements), drinking plenty of fluids, exercising regularly, sleeping well and having a clean air supply will keep you healthy. STOP! These things are a vital part of living a healthy lifestyle – BUT every function in your body is under the TOTAL control of your nervous system, which must operate at 100% for optimal health.[/pullquote]

[notice]The nervous system houses your brain message[/notice]

Think about it. Your brain isn’t programmed to make you sick or diseased – ever. Each human brain and nervous system system is totally 100% programmed for optimal health and wellness and will manifest this every time unless interfered with somewhere in the system. Your brain stores thousands of years of genetic coding far beyond our modern scientific understanding of the body.

[notice]Establishing an uninterupted nerve flow is the key to optimal healing[/notice]

Your brain is continually producing vital messages which are brilliantly decoded into electrical impulses with the purpose of performing an important function in a specific place within your body. Millions of these messages are sent every second of your life passing from your brain to your body cells and equally important, from your body cells back to your brain. ANYTHING that interrupts the proper flow of electrical impulses through your nervous system should set off loud, beeping alarms in the body. But it doesn’t – not until a certain amount of damage has already been accumulated.

[notice]A body that is out of balance tends to stay that way[/notice]

Take a moment (or beter yet, take a lifetime) to appreciate your body and your innate life force that controls all its functions. We will evaluate your posture and check for other indications of spinal imbalance. Regular chiropractic care will allow the body to re-establish its balance and achieve optimal health.

Good Posture …

[notice]All your life, you have been told to “stand up straight … watch your posture”[/notice]

Hopefully you have taken that advice. You will look better and have more energy if you do. Actually, there is much more to posture than most people realize. Your posture is the position of your ligaments, muscles, and spinal bones, and the condition they are in.

[notice]Posture is the window to the spine[/notice]

If posture is out of balance, then the spine is out of balance, putting unhealthy pressure upon your nervous system. Activities as subtle as sleeping, standing or walking abnormally; to more obvious traumas like emotional stress, work or auto injuries, recreational injuries and even birth process itself can result in spinal imbalance.

Your spine is the most important factor affecting your posture. In order to have the best possible posture (and health), your spine has to be in the best possible condition.

… Equals Good Health

[notice]Optimal posture is a vital key to achieving optimal health for each person in your family[/notice]

Early detection and elimination of subluxation will lead to a healthy nervous system at any stage of life.

From a rear view – your spine should be perfectly straight, and each of the 24 spinal bones stacked precisely on top of each other. Looking at the spine from a side you should see three curves, each having a 60 degrees arc. It’s been observed in nature, engineering, physics and geometry that a 60 degree arc offers the strongest defence against the destructive forces of gravity and motion.

What is Vertebral Subluxation?

[notice]When a spinal vertebra shift out of alignment, it may put damaging pressure on the spinal nerves causing interruption to the vital nerve flow within your body. This condition is referred to as VERTEBRAL SUBLUXATION.[/notice]

Between the spinal bones, called vertebrae, are nerves which transport messages from the brain to all organs, tissues and cells in the body. When the vertebrae are subluxated, the nerve passageway is blocked, and the life energy flowing through the nerve can be choked off. Any spinal imbalance will cause areas of the spinal column to work harder in order to compensate for the area that is out of balance. This interferes with your body’s innate healing ability and lowers your resistance.

[notice]Only 10% of your entire nervous system carries or perceives pain. Up to 90% can be heavily stressed without any alarms, whistles or bells![/notice]

Vertebral subluxation is commonly referred to as the “silent killer” because there are usually no early warning symptoms. Since your spinal cord (which carries your brain messages) runs inside the spinal column, it stands to reason that the spinal column has the greatest opportunity to interfere with the power of your nerve flow. In fact, that’s exactly what does occur. Imagine the twenty-four moveable vertebrae which make up the spinal column (including the skull, sacrum and pelvis) undergoing continuous pressure from gravity. Then add tension from prolonged or unusual patterns of sitting and standing. Go further and consider the strain from walking, exercising, or mild to significant injuries sustained. Now let’s compound this whole thing with the stress that comes from personal, professional and emotional tension. If that wasn’t enough, it’s also well known that chemical toxicity from foods, medications and the environmental cause relexive stress to your spine. It’s a wonder that healthy vital messages from the brain ever get to the body at all!

If this condition is not corrected, your organs and glands can not function properly and this can create abnormal body chemistry, disease and accelerated deterioration.

Optimal health for you, your family & friends

[notice]Our purpose is to educate and adjust as many families as possible toward optimal health through natual chiropractic care.[/notice]

Today chiropractic is becoming the number one choice in restoring and maintaining optimal health. Chiropractic is simply the best way to get well and stay well for life.

[notice]As you can imagine, chiropractic works for all ages and walks of life.[/notice]

Subluxations can begin at birth and progress throughout life. Interruption to proper nerve flow by subluxation can affect your overall health. Healthy cell metabolism, organ function and sharp mental focus are all jeopardized with decreased nerve flow. Correcting subluxations greatly improves the body’s ability to regain optimal health. It’s common to see whole families choosing chiropractic because no one is ever too young or too old to obtain a healthy nervous system for life.

[notice]Chiropractic is safe, gentle and effective.[/notice]

Chiropractic is the fastest growing drugless healing profession in the world today. Chiropractors maintain the lowest malpractice insurance rates of any primary health professionals in the world which is a tremendous credit to the safety record throughout the entire chiropractic profession. People who are under regular chiropractic care are among the healthiest people in the world, enjoying far less hospitalization, medication and other doctor visits.

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