Spinal Health and Wellness

Facts About Spinal Health

[blue]Spinal conditions are extremely common.[/blue]

[blue]Spinal conditions causing disease can be symptom-free for weeks, months or years before pain develops.[/blue]

[blue]Spinal conditions cause nerve irritation which can adversely affect any part of the body.[/blue]

[blue]Spinal conditions detected in the early stages, before symptoms develop, are much easier to correct.[/blue]

Optimal Spinal Health

Optimal Spinal Health is essential for normal physical and mental well being. Spinal problems evolve over a period of weeks, months or years until the spine is no longer capable of performing functions for which it was designed. Pain or other symptoms are the end result of progressive declining spinal health. Very rarely can an everyday activity produce sufficient stress to cause instant pain in an otherwise healthy spine. This process can be accelerated by a super-imposed injury.

Spinal health is an on-going, never-ending process that should be a part of everybody’s life. Unfortunately, most people wait until they are in pain before seeking chiropractic care.

Our clinic is concerned with the prevention of spinal conditions by diagnosing them in the declining phase. It is during this period that spinal conditions are most successfully treated and cost-effective.

It is essential that everyone have a regular chiropractic check-up to ensure Optimal Spinal Health. Along with self-care, we urge you to encourage your family members and friends to have have regular chiropractic care too.

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