You are never too old to care for your body, and so you are never too old for chiropractic. Our Chiropractors are trained to assist with many of the problems encountered by older people. Regular chiropractic care helps maintain good health, mobility and general bodily wellness.

Years of bodily use and abuse may not show their effect until life becomes more sedentary. Wear and tear causes damage and stiffness in joints, muscles and ligaments resulting in pain, poor function and interference to the nervous system. Your brain controls the way your body works, with nerves travelling to and from distant organs and tissues, making the vital connection between brain and body. Faulty body mechanics, particularly where nerves exit from the spine, disrupt nerve pathways upsetting these vital connections. Thus, if your nerves are not working well your body will not either. Chiropractors work with the framework of the human body; improving joint and muscle function to maintain nerve pathways and allow proper joint nutrition. Body parts poorly supplied by the nervous system do not function correctly, becoming susceptible to pain, illness, injury and breakdown.

Faulty body mechanics may include:


  • joint subluxation (misalignment with joint locking or instability)
  • muscle imbalance and tightness
  • poor posture


Coping With Arthritis

Poorly functioning joints will not tolerate physical loads and stresses. This increases the likelihood of the most common form of arthritis – osteoarthritis. This simply means, “wear and tear” arthritis. Regular chiropractic care attempts to maximise movement and balance of the joints and muscles, gently and within their present capability, aiming to reduce the advancement of wear and tear, and thereby improve your health. This helps your body to work naturally at its best and reduces reliance on drugs. The effects of growing old may be minimised and your quality of life enhanced.

Am I Too Old

No-one is ever too old to care for the framework of their body and nerve system. Even when there has been severe arthritis, gentle chiropractic methods can assist in maintaining a reasonable degree of mobility and function. Obviously the worse the wear, the more difficult it may be to give lasting benefits, but it is essential to maintain what function you still have. This highlights the need for early preventative care, rather than waiting until damage is done. We recommend spinal health care on an ongoing basis from the day you are born.

So What Can You Do?

Many facets contribute to overall health. The following is a list of some of the more important aspects that should be looked at on a regular basis.


  • Get regular chiropractic maintenance and preventative care
  • Maintain an ideal weight
  • Exercise regularly
  • Ensure a good diet
  • Get regular rest


Is Chiropractic Safe?

Over almost a century millions of patients have successfully attended chiropractors. Unlike medicine, chiropractic methods are conservative and do not use drugs or surgery, and for this reason have a higher level of safety.

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