Today people are becoming more concerned with the maintenance of health and wellness rather than the treatment of symptoms and illness. Chiropractors are natural health care practitioners, providing major assistance towards the goal.

“Only unhealthy bodies get sick”

This statement is often made, indicating that generally before you develop an illness the resistive capabilities of your body must be reduced. For good health one must have:

[green]Physical Wellbeing …[/green]

… consists of a strong framework, correct muscle balance, tone and strength, and full joint mobility. These are all essential for a healthy nervous system.

Contributing factors include:


  • regular chiropractic check-ups starting at birth and throughout one’s lifetime
  • regular exercise (low impact activities) and stretching
  • correct posture – sleeping, sitting and standing
  • supportive mattress and pillow
  • work within your body’s capabilities
  • regular rest
  • optimal weight
  • early treatment of injuries


[green]Spiritual Wellbeing …[/green]

… is related to your consciousness and state of mind, it is your ability to observe the world without getting attached and reacting in a negative way, to be able to remain harmonious within oneself and with external forces, both social and physical. Spiritual balance gives us understanding of our beliefs and how we can best use these through life’s journey and the challenges we are faced with. Taking time daily for some solitude and meditation can assist in your spiritual wellness by helping the mind to remain clear and calm. Spiritual wellbeing gives us great awareness and a sense of purpose in life and allows us to be tolerant and open minded to the beliefs of others, it teaches us acceptance.

Like all things related to our wellbeing, spiritual wellness needs to be nourished regularly and consistently with practise and dedication so that in times of crisis it can keep us balanced.

[green]Chemical Wellbeing …[/green]

… is determined by the foods you eat, the fluids you drink, the air you breathe and the chemicals you ingest, inhale or absorb through your skin. These all form the building blocks of your body. If they are toxic to your body reactions occur resulting in sensitivity, allergy and ultimately illness.

[green]Emotional Wellbeing[/green]

A positive, confident mental attitude reflects in your health and behaviour. Many forms of illness including headache, stomach and bowel disorders, nervousness, and certain skin conditions may be triggered by states of anxiety and depression.

Chiropractic Approach

All the functions and processes of your body are controlled by your nervous system, and in turn this system adapts you to the many changes occurring moment by moment in your environment. Without a healthy nervous system your body will cease too work correctly and illness or degeneration may result.

Chiropractors recognise the existence of an innate intelligence within the living body, this being the ability of the body to heal itself, and maintain homeostasis (ie. equilibrium)

Chiropractors work with the structure, or framework of the human body, recognising that imbalance of joint position or mobility, particularly of the spine may interfere with normal nerve function (called subluxation). Removal of nerve interference enables your body to work at a more optimal level.

Many areas are involved in optimal performance and we are trained to directly assist and advise you, or recommend you to other health professionals for the care you require.

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